About BeeSafe

BeeSafe is a next generation corporate and personal emergency app and platform providing security for people, family members and employees. Using smartphone or smartphone watch, BeeSafe is monitoring activity and calling for help automatically if an incident should happen. This way BeeSafe sends an emergency message through app when the victim themselves is not able to call for help on their own. The message is sent to contacts and central emergency helpdesk too. Automated call for help in emergency is primary function of the BeeSafe platform.

Automatic message containing victim information together with location and incident timeline is automatically sent to predefined contacts and displayed at central emergency helpdesk. Emergency helpdesk is an easily accessible web platform providing  information about all users within corporation, their status and  incident information. Further analytical and statistic information is available, such as usage overviews, danger zones, contact lists and emergency response overview. This enables huge improvement in government crime avoidance and prevention activities.

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